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Shenyang Aluminum Tube Flexible Packaging Foils Have A Larger Space For Development
Dec 20, 2016

Soft foils: rolled fully annealed. Flexible packaging foils

Flexible packaging is based on soft bag type container made of composite packaging material, flexible packaging's appearance has greatly improved food and beverage industries mechanization and automation level, speed up the modernization of the people's diet and socialization processes. In developed countries, flexible packaging foil food and beverage has become one of the main forms of packaging, instead of the canned and bottled within a certain range. In recent years, the development of the flexible packaging market in China soon

The 10 aluminum foil production line has been, according to the flexible packaging uses different dry laminating, hot-melt compounding, extrusion compound in different processes. Flexible packaging not only has the effect of moisture and freshness, and print pictures and text, is the ideal material for modern commercial packaging. With the improvement of people's living standard, flexible packaging foils have a larger space for development.