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Manufacturer Of Aluminum Foil Foil Printability Of Special
Dec 20, 2016

Aluminum foil paper printability is special, because it is a compound of aluminum foil and paper. On the surface of aluminum foil or aluminium film with gloss, hard and tough, smooth surface characteristics. In the process of printing, surface properties of aluminum foil paper and printing presses, ink printability direct relationships. Therefore, relatively speaking, foil printing is actually aluminum foil printing, as evidenced in the following points:

(1) high surface strength of aluminum foil paper, it can adapt to the speed of high-speed presses, and can withstand the pull of tack of printing inks and printing quality to improve production efficiency, stability has a good adaptability.

(2) aluminum foil paper smoothness, ink transfer printing ink film flat, smooth, telex, cables, clear and complete.