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Lifting Electromagnet Coils Of Different Materials-related Performance Comparison
Dec 19, 2016

As the process of aluminum coil in winding, insulating paint adhesion after drying to make coils as a whole, the heat from it is easy to transfer to the shell, so the heat is not as prominent as other materials. Thermal conductivity of the solenoid and electromagnet is closely related to the life of, and the main factors influencing the electro-magnet service life is ageing of the insulating material. When the electromagnet work, will continue to generate heat, and continue to heat the surface. When the heat generated and disseminated by heat balance, the electromagnet is stable at a temperature no longer changes the temperature the temperature allowed is the use of insulating materials. Otherwise, the magnet temperature will continue to rise until the burned insulation caused by short circuit. Because of the said reasons, electromagnet made of aluminum oxide film with almost no insulation damage due to high internal temperature can occur because (using substandard materials are another matter). In addition to the magnet effect of temperature on insulating layers, wire vibration is also insulated between the reasons for the decline. Flat wire wound in the process, in order to strengthen between the wire brush insulating adhesive, but not every layer is brushed, so some wires between the slightly loose. Due to the electro-magnet is a constantly moving objects, work will continue the collision was shaken, fixed loose coils to produce friction, combined with the aging of the insulation layer of brittle and easy to break, it is also easy to cause a short circuit. Between oxide film aluminium belt is a complete whole, such friction does not occur.