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Aluminum Sheet Suppliers How To Prevent Aluminum Coil Corrosion And Oxidation
Dec 20, 2016

How to prevent the aluminum coil corrosion and oxidation

Aluminum sheet suppliers

While the aluminum coils are widely used, but many enterprises are aware of the problem, a long aluminum plate is corrosion and oxidation, to solve this problem and make some suggestions that may help you.

1.strengthen the management of air drying, make sure that no water in the compressed air.

2.workshops, warehouses where the roof leaks rain, snow, not be placed aluminum coil.

3.strengthening management of rolling oil, water below 0.04%.

4.aluminum coil Pack should be used sealed package, each volume should be put in the right amount of seasonings.

5.the imported from low temperature high temperature high humidity area, do not open the sealed package immediately.

6.packing wood shaft, sheets of humidity is less than 18%, packaging aluminum coil temperature is not greater than 45 degrees.