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Aluminum Grain Suppliers Qualified Prison Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil Packaging Is Very Important
Dec 20, 2016

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil is made of pure 90% or more electrolytic aluminum, finely made. Aluminum has the advantages of rich resources, low prices, easy processing, when the pharmaceutical packaging materials, metal information of pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging materials only. Pharmaceutical aluminum foil nontoxic, tasteless, has excellent electrical conductivity and light, has a very high resistance to moisture and gas barrier properties and taste, to optimise the maintenance package; is a packaging information has not so far been replaced, no matter what the vapor plating metal film, and coated specialty films are not a complete substitute pharmaceutical aluminum foil. In modern packaging category, the demand for almost all opaque or high barrier laminated materials using pharmaceutical aluminum foil barrier layer. Because of pharmaceutical aluminum foil with the above advantages, and light in weight, have a certain strength and good printing can print text or graphics on it. When the blister pack, and when a little pressure can crush it, patients get the medicine facilities, easy to carry. Thus the universal application of this package in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, is one of the major packaging trends.