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Aluminum Foil For Aluminum Prices Plus The State Can Be Divided Into Plain Foil
Dec 20, 2016

Aluminum foil is the breakdown products of higher added value in the aluminum industry, China's current annual demand has reached more than 300,000 tons of aluminum foil, China has developed after the United States and Japan the third large in the next few years, packaging foil will significantly grow faster than China's air conditioning and cable, such as the use of growth. Nowadays, the industry is developing rapidly, market size and production year after year to maintain rapid growth, due to its excellent thermal conductivity, loop area of application performance, make aluminum foil plant in household appliances, packaging and other applications have been greatly expanded.

Development of packaging industry in China in recent years, greatly boosted the consumption of aluminum industry, "Twelve-Five" during construction projects, develop low-carbon economy on high performance aluminum foil will have stronger demand. Aluminum foil with

Aluminum foil manufacturer of aluminum foil with the State can be divided into plain foil, foil embossing, composite foils, coated, colored foil and foil printed foil.

① the effect of foil: without any other processing of aluminum foil after rolling, also known as foil.

② embossing foils: has a variety of patterns on the surface of aluminum foil.

③ composite foil: paper, aluminum foil and plastic film composite aluminum foil, paperboard laminating in-formation.